ORIGINS OF BISHOP RICHARD ALLEN MASONIC LODGE 11


In the early Summer of 2016, Dr. Elvin J. Parker intellectualizes starting a lodge in Riviera Beach, Florida.

As Hurst Chapel AME's pastor, he deems the city ripe for such a lodge. He consults with his members, also masons (Brother Emmanuel Garrett and Brother James Patterson), currently belonging to another lodge. They embark on a journey to explore if the same interest exists from masons in the area.  An audit proves their intuition to be in the affirmative.

​On November 21, 2016, Brother Dr. Elvin J. Parker, III received permission from the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge (MWUGL) of Florida to operate Under Dispensation (UD) and seek real interests within the Riviera Beach, FL area.

                        The new lodge name is Bishop Richard Allen Masonic Lodge #11 (BRAML 11).  

Dr. Parker seeks out Brother Dr. George L. Lockhart (also a minister) living in the area to infuse his talents to support the lodge. The new lodge elects its officers. After confirmation, the two waste little time collaborating on crafting the lodge's bylaws and meeting times.   

Initially, the small band meets in deplorable conditions, including dungy libraries, small classrooms with no air condition, and cartoonish cavernous gymnasiums. But - they are consistently meeting. ​Soon, after a few initiations, the fledging lodge begins to take root.  The growth is slow but steady.​

WM Parker keenly understands the power of social media, and connections with family members and friends (both new and old) are a primary consideration in adopting social media tools. He enlists Senior Warden Dr. Lockhart to create a footprint for BRAML #11 immediately.  Dr. Lockhart deploys the brand on all social media, including newsletters, webpage, Facebook, Instagram, etc. ​He charts the lodge's progress and reports the spikes at each meeting when a lodge event occurs. The point?   Have more communal events.

On April 8, 2017, the MWUGL of Florida under The Honorable Walter Gulley, Jr., the 18th Most Worshipful Grand Master; Right Worshipful Jeffrey Jones, Deputy Grand Master; Right Worshipful Gus Harris, Jr., Senior Grand Warden; Right Worshipful Phillip Robinson, Grand Secretary; and Right Worshipful Melvin Wright, Grand Treasurer, grants a full charter to Bishop Richard Allen Masonic Lodge #11 of Riviera Beach, FL. As a reward for their consistent efforts under dire circumstances.  SW Dr. George L. Lockhart notes to WM Dr. E. J Parker "We need a campaign slogan."  After much thought,  WM Parker come up with THE GOLD STANDARD. For he noted, "By which all other standards compare."

Now a full-fledged masonic lodge, BRAML 11 attempts to take a foothold in the city by participating in the city's annual MLK Day Parade. The actions result in astounding success.


                                   "The city has awakened to our presence," noted WM E.J. Parker.

BRAML 11 receives interests from the community and carries several classes through, taking advantage of its realization. After successfully setting the foundation, WM Parker steps down to rest from his labors. BRAML 11 membership reaches its zenith with 31 members and $10,000 in the checking account.  In November 2017, Dr. Lockhart shoulders the Worshipful Master's responsibility. District Deputy Grand Master James E. Coney tasks the infant lodge to host all three Festive Days. BRAML 11 delivers the events flawlessly. Again, the actions serve as a blessing, alerting the city to BRAML 11's presence.  

JW James Patterson (L) WM Dr. E. J. Parker (C), SW Dr. George L. Lockhart, (r)                                           RW Jeffery G. Jones, Deputy Grand Master



Brother Elvin J. Parker III, D. Min            Worshipful Master           

Brother George L. Lockhart, Ed.D          Senior Warden                 

Brother James Patterson                       Junior Warden                  

Brother Joseph D. Anderson                   Secretary                            

Brother Alexander L. Cox                        Treasurer                           

Brother Solomon A. Burgess                  Senior Deacon                 

Brother Joel H. Simmons, Elder             Junior Deacon                    

Brother Emmanuel G. Garrett                 Senior Steward                

Brother Harold A. Taylor                         Junior Steward                

Brother Benjamin Crawford, P.hD           Marshall                               

Brother Robert L. Smith                          Tyler                                

Brother James E. Lamons, Th.D            Chaplain                             

Brother Charles D. Rawls, Sr. (2019)     3rd Year Trustee              

Brother Henry Taylor (2018)                   2nd Year Trustee               

Brother (2017)     TBA                              1st Year Trustee              

Brother Clarence D. Williams III             Craft


2017 First Class of Candidates Class Anthony T. Stafford, KYCH

Brother Alex D. Freeman

Brother Demetri O. Dale

Brother Clarence E. Bess

Brother Darryl L. Wright

Brother Sean A. Horne

Brother Jeffrey D. West, Jr.


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